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Golfing with an AK47

LEGEND! BEST Anthony Kim Career Shots & Moments

The best shots from the dope ass man that was AK! From his quick wins, to the Tiger phone call, to the run at the 2010 Masters Tournament, he was a god. He now lives in Las Vegas, where he cashes in millions from insurance after a brutal injury. Pls come back one day AK! GOAT SHIT!
Tomás Yáñez : What a shame we got to see this talent for such a short span. He would've been between the greats by now
Nick Mahowald : I started watching golf closely in 2010, so I didn't see much of him. But this has me missing him!
Bobby Blute : What happened to this guy. I miss him.
Christian Okoye : He would have had 5 majors at this point

Tiger Woods & Anthony Kim Clinic #Golf

Some rare footage of Anthony Kim and Tiger Woods.

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Tiger Woods held a clinic at his foundation's annual "Tiger Jam" at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, Nevada.
adam. p. : anyone know what year this is from?
toh bot : i am glad that cocky nonsensical piece of shit poser anthony fuckface kim is gone for good.
Jacob R : I love this contrast! You can actually learn a lot from this. Thank you for posting this! Their approaches are really interesting to hear. I love Kim's answers! It sounds so much like my brother and he could play lights out!
Killacamfoo O.G. : I really miss AK.
JJ Resnick : That sure looks like Trump National in Palos Verdes. In fact, I’ve been there enough that I would be willing to bet just about anything this exhibition is at Trump. It’s DEFINITELY not at Shadow Creek. That’s a fact. Was this from 2005?
pitythefool : 10:38 LOL

Anthony Kim: ...And that works sometimes.

Tiger: ...Really?

(Audience laughs)
Pat Dorsman : 9:40 Kim is the man I miss that dude
RJKT : 18:36 countering warm up
Deadly Mantis : Kim was a good player, but his answers show one reason as to why he didn't / couldn't fulfill his potential.
Mrbigolnuts : Anthony Kim, let's see some action 2018




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